Australasian Health and Medical Humanities Network Launch and Inaugural Symposium. 
Written by Elizabeth Stephens, Claire Hooker, Keren Hammerschlag, Sandra Carr, and Karin Sellberg in The Polyphony, 28 June 2021.
Medical Humanities Research Showcase: The Emergence of a New Trans-Disciplinary Field in a Time of Precarity.  Written by Karin Sellberg, Elizabeth Stephens, Anna Efstathiadou, Suja Pillai, Kazuki Yamada & Beck Wise in Continuum, 02 November 2020.
A Once-in-a-Century Crisis Can Help Educate Doctors. 
Written by Molly Worthen in The New York Times, 10 April 2021.  
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The Quick, the Dead and the Anatomised: How a dissection drawing morphed into an online event. 
Written by Jac Soarsa in Synapsis, 26 February 2021.
Feeling Remote: COVID-19 in an Isolated State. 
Written by Brid Phillips in Synapsis, 15 May 2020.
COVID-19 Special Issue: Introduction: A Letter from the Emergency Room. 
Written by Rishi Goyal in Synapsis, 15 May 2020.
The Medical Humanities: A Brief Introduction. 
Written by Claire Hooker in the Australian Family Physician, May 2008.

A selection of key and recent publications on health and medical humanities.