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Public Humanistic Inquiry Lab. 
Institute. USA. Housed by Colby College. 
The Public Humanistic Inquiry Lab critically explores the relationship between medicine and race. While the medical professions have recognised that racial and health inequities are closely linked, the humanities and social sciences point to structural racism’s impact on health outcomes across time and place and offer new ways of thinking about medicine in racialised societies.
ANU Health Humanities Network.
Network. Housed by the Australian National University.
The Network takes a capacious, inclusive approach to the field of the health humanities, embracing diverse approaches and methods and extending beyond the boundary of the humanities to also encompass the arts and the social sciences.
Vitalities Lab.  
Institute. Housed by the University of New South Wales.  
Led by Deborah Lupton, the Lab is a hub for interdisciplinary research that brings together researchers working on understanding human experience in the context of the more-than-human worlds in which they move and live.
Medical Humanities. 
Journal. Published by the Institute of Medical Ethics in partnership with BMJ. 
Led by Editor-in-Chief Dr Brandy Shillace, the journal publishes scholarly and critical articles on a broad range of topics. These include history of medicine, cultures of medicine, disability studies, gender and the body, communities in crisis, bioethics, and public health. 
Glasgow Medical Humanities Network. 
Network. United Kingdom. Housed by the University of Glasgow. 
The network brings together and enhances medical humanities across universities and collections in the city of Glasgow through the provision of news, events and funding for researchers. 
Centre for Medical Humanities and Bioethics. 
Institute. Sweden. Housed by Linköping University. 
The Centre is a collaboration between the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences designed to gather, strengthen, and develop research, teaching, and collaboration with the society around us, within the areas of medical humanities and bioethics.
Health Humanities Consortium. 
Network. United States. 
The Consortium promotes health humanities scholarship, education, and practices through interdisciplinary methods and theories that focus on the intersection of the arts and humanities, health, illness, and healthcare.
Institute for Medical Humanities.  
Institute. Housed by Durham University.  
Led by Professor Jane Macnaughton, the Institute conducts interdisciplinary research into what it calls ' hidden experience' and investigates experiences of health and illness which are marginalised, difficult, unspeakable, unacknowledged, or invisible.
Medical Health Humanities.  
Network. Housed by Birmingham University.  
A network of academics from across Birmingham University seeking nuanced and urgent understandings of health and illness. Its aims are to foster transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral entanglements, and further the integration of the medical humanities into mental healthcare and medical education. 

Meredith Jones

A selection of key international journals and institutions focusing on health and medical humanities.