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What are the Health and Medical Humanities?
The Health and Medical Humanities is an emergent and multi-disciplinary field of research, concerned with the social dimensions of medical science and practice. It examines the cultural aspects of health and medicine, drawing on historical, philosophical, artistic and other humanities perspectives. Its aim is to foreground the impact of the wider cultural context in which medicine is practiced, and its meaning and effects. In the UK, EU and US, the health and medical humanities has been emerging as an important new field of research over the past decade, increasingly recognised as a site of productive engagement between research in the humanities and medical sciences.
The purpose of the Australasian Health and Medical Humanities Network is to promote and develop collaborative research projects and multi-disciplinary methods and practices in this field. It is designed to provide a forum in which to share information about current research and teaching programmes as well as upcoming events and other activities in this field. 
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Australasian-based researchers in the health and medical humanities have been investigating the potential role Australasian health and medical humanities might play in the establishment of a new approach to the cultural perspective on public health and well-being of our societies. 
We invite colleagues interested in becoming involved in the new Australasian Health and Medical Humanities Network to contact us at: You can subscribe to updates and post to the AHMHN email list by subscribing here.
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